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Software Asset Management (SAM) Process Consultants  

The need for Software Asset Management is not widely understood and many companies refer to deployed software as assets. In fact they are obligations which need licenses. Failure to correctly license software will expose companies to:

  • Risk to the Brand image and fines
  • Inefficient use of software licenses 
  • Uncontrolled costs  

To remove the legal risk companies may conduct regular audits on key vendor software which will produce a temporary license compliance position. In order to remain compliant it is important that processes are introduced that ensure that all software is fully compliant at all times. 

IP Associates Limited are consultants specialising in assisting clients to create Software Asset Management (SAM) processes which provide effective software asset managemet and reduce risk and cost. 

Based on the ISO 19770-1 standard for Software Asset Management and ITIL V3 we have created offerings to suit all sizes of clients. You may select one of our specicific offerings or discuss a bespoke engagement to suit your own needs. 
Our website is under construction however the business is fully operational, so pleasse contact us.
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Why is SAM important?
Experience shows that companies embark on SAM projects for many reasons. They may wish to reduce risk, control cost, or comply with an external regulation such as sarbanes Oxley (SOX). 
Why use a consultant for SAM?
It takes many months to understand Software Asset Management as the courses and industry experience are limited.
If a poject is started without the appropropriate knowledge pit falls will be encountered and the solution may not conform to best practice or SAM standards. The project will not deliver the expected goals.
Once processes have been designed they require minimal maintenance to ensure that they alogn with changing business needs.
Using a consultant to create the processes will produce the quickess implementation that aligns with your business needs and best practice. It will ensure the gretest chance of sucess, and deliver the expected results. 
Risk and cost will be controlled and reduced in the shortest possible time. Ongoing day to day activity will be managed by your own staff from experience provided during the consultancy.